A New Retail Sector is Beginning to Emerge from the COVID-19 Dust

By Steve Williamson With some businesses beginning to return to operations – albeit at a lower capacity than before the pandemic – the dust is starting to settle for the retail market in North Texas. While there have been significant job losses and financial hardships, some concepts have proven their strength. The retail sector that emerges from this crisis may look different than it did…
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Transwestern Talks: Jimmy Hinton

Jimmy HintonSenior Managing Director, Investment & Data Analytics While some property sectors are expected to weather the downturn brought on by COVID-19 better than others, this is only part of the story. A closer examination by asset class provides further…
Back to the WorkplaceCOVID-19

Back to the Workplace

Transwestern has assembled a team of experts to support the return to its offices and our clients’ assets during these extraordinary times. We’ve taken a customized, multi-faceted approach, drawing perspective from all service linesand considering the varied…