6 Strategies to Make A Long-Term Real Estate Decision in an Uncertain Market

By Michael Griffin When making decisions regarding real estate, companies ask questions like: How many people do we need to accommodate? How much space do we need? How should the space be configured? What if we need less or more space in the future? But what if their predictions are wrong? In an ever-changing world – demonstrated by the rapid adjustments brought on by COVID-19…
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Designing a Flexible Lease Program in Office Buildings

By Will Frankum Commercial property owners are faced with the challenge of adapting amenities to support collaboration, enhanced sanitation and social distancing, all while increasing occupancy. As businesses evaluate their real estate needs, one strategy for office…

E-Commerce Approaches Warp Speed

Matt Dolly, Director of Research It’s business as un-usual in the world of e-commerce. On one hand, when COVID-19 hit global supply chains, shipments flowing into the largest U.S. ports slowed considerably. Recent data comparing April 2020 to April 2019 volumes at…